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Available for free download is a remastered version of the historic Huld Manuscript. Many of the staves and galdr you will see today are based on aspects of elements within this manuscript, and others like it.

I initially got a hold of this scanned version of the manuscript via a fantastic resource website based in Iceland. You can view many things on there, and the main languages you can access articles and manuscripts in are English, Icelandic and Danish. This is the site:

It is thought to have been written in approximately 1860 by Geir Vigfússyni. I have been releasing packs of stencils of some of the galdrastafir from manuscripts, and I wanted to make sure that this full PDF copy would be available freely without having to cost money.

In terms of re-mastering, I have done my best to make the page margins more even (old books tend to be extremely crooked), and I have also altered the colours and contrast within the manuscript to make it more legible. When these old manuscripts are scanned, you can lose a lot of the clarity which was originally intended.

The scans can come out very dark, and the ink may not all match up. A lot of the time you will also find that the copies themselves are not straight, as it is very hard to photocopy a book- as I’m sure you are well aware!

Below you can download a copy of the PDF for use on your computer, tablet or even your e-reader if it is compatible with reading PDF documents.

The document is considered Public Domain, and you’re free to copy, share and redistribute it as you wish.

Preview or download the manuscript in PDF here

(Filesize 82.7mb)

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