The Freegaldrastafir Project

The outlining principals of the #freegaldrastafir project, launched via in late 2018 by Ræveðis in cooperation with The Fornalder Society:

  • The #freegaldrastafir project’s main purpose is to make as many graphical galdr designs available to the public free of charge. Furthermore, we seek to facilitate access to these graphical resources in as good digital quality as possible, both in regards to historic designs as well as modern additions. This freely available work is there for anyone who needs it in their work; be it for the sake of esoteric research, spiritual practice, the tattoo artist seeking a particular design or anyone else looking for inspiration from this particular niche.
  • Apart from our focus on publishing individual designs to the public, we have also dedicated a focus on digital restoration of manuscripts and other compilations, with the purpose of free distribution under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License (CC-BY-SA 4.0) and in other cases Public-domain-equivalent license or Public-domain (PD).
  • Due to the broad spectrum of work to be presented by the #freegaldrastafir project, we have also dedicated ourselves to indicate sources whenever these are available, as a means to avoid confusion weather a design is of modern origin or a historic one.
  • In regards to modern designs, anyone who has a particular galdrastafir design that they want to be included in the project, they are free to contact us for personal submission of designs. In order for a design to be accepted, it’ll go through our evaluation-board consisting of members from the Danish Fornalder Society. Submissions must be validated as either Public-domain, Public-domain-equivalent, or under a suitable Creative Commons licence.
    Contact us directly at: