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Another historic Icelandic manuscript. There are certainly a lot of these manuscripts in circulation- and because of the age of them, they are in the public domain. This is why I want to ensure they are available for free.

This one, like some of the manuscripts, is written on animal skin. If you have worked within a magical circumstance, you may have noticed that animal skins or parts play a key role, especially in the old magic like this! (the fact that wood is sparse on Iceland also explains why parchment is often used instead of paper)

This is a PDF of the manuscript- not a physical copy. However, it is up to you if you wish to use this with your e-reader, simply saved as a file, or have it printed off (You don’t even have to use parchment, paper works too!).

This manuscript contains many diagrams and prayers, as well as written information to describe the things within. It is all written in old Icelandic- so it may be a bit tricky to figure out if you are not used to both cursive and Icelandic language.

Remastered to improve the visual presentation of this original text. Copying a book, especially, can be a very tricky task to undertake. So I have tried to ensure that the pages more or less line up, etc.

A fantastic addition to anyone’s collection.

Preview or download Hvíta Galdrakver as PDF here!

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