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This is the primary Facebook group used by – this is a place for sharing your own content and ideas, as well as a place to meet others with an interest in the art of Graphical Galdr.

Ræveðis’ pages:
Ræveðis is a public figure and artist known for his contributions both this page and to contemporary Norse spirituality and folk-magic as a whole.

Fornalder Selkabet (The Fornalder Society):
We are a Scandinavian organisation focused on the research, preservation and support of Norse esoterism and folklore. Most of our work is of a secluded nature, hence we have little desire for a strong public presence. our Facebook page is primarily a communication hub among members and contacts.

The Danish page for Witchcraft (DDHS):
Originally run by the former Danish Association of Witches (Foreningen Hekse), this page was handed to Ræveðis as former founder and board-member, when the association was dismantled by the board in 2015. In 2018 the domain became active again as a collaboration between Ræveðis and The Fornalder Society, to function as a platform for the former associations archives and community network.