Ægishjálmur Stencil Pack

As teased a bit earlier this month, a stencil pack containing various examples of the Ægishjálmur is now available.

I decided to start structuring these files inside a Google-drive archive, both for easy access as well as for easy updates and editing from my end.

As of today the archive contains two folders, one for the Ægishjálmur and one for the Vegvisir. As I progress with my work, more content will be made available in this folder.

Everything contained in the archive will be under the same CC licence, meaning that you basically can use it in any way you see fit, as long as you remember to give credit and don’t alter the licence on any work containing the files I’m sharing.

You can find the archive here

Vegvisir Stencil Pack

Over the years, I have had a few tattoo artist contacting me, regarding getting their hands on some good quality artwork for stencils.I have also had quite a few people looking to get a tattoo done, asking me for a good copy to use as a stencil. Since I have been hard at work doing content for my book, I figured I might as well make some of this work available for public use.

The following graphics are remastered versions of known graphical galdr or Galdrastafir found in Public Domain. The remastered versions seen here are hereby shared with a CC BY SA 4.0 Licence.

The designs found in this post and the attached zip-folder can be copied and redistributed in any medium or format, as well as remixed, transformed, and built upon in any way and for any purpose, even commercially.

Basically this means that you can print these out, use them as stencils, display them and in any other way reuse and share them as you wish.

The only demands are that you give appropriate credit, and provide a link to the license, and indicate if changes were made. You may do so in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests the licensor endorses you or your use. If you remix, transform, or build upon the material, you must distribute your contributions under the same license as the original.

Click here to download the files!

Download Hvíta Galdrakver PDF

Another historic Icelandic manuscript. There are certainly a lot of these manuscripts in circulation- and because of the age of them, they are in the public domain. This is why I want to ensure they are available for free.

This one, like some of the manuscripts, is written on animal skin. If you have worked within a magical circumstance, you may have noticed that animal skins or parts play a key role, especially in the old magic like this! (the fact that wood is sparse on Iceland also explains why parchment is often used instead of paper)

This is a PDF of the manuscript- not a physical copy. However, it is up to you if you wish to use this with your e-reader, simply saved as a file, or have it printed off (You don’t even have to use parchment, paper works too!).

This manuscript contains many diagrams and prayers, as well as written information to describe the things within. It is all written in old Icelandic- so it may be a bit tricky to figure out if you are not used to both cursive and Icelandic language.

Remastered to improve the visual presentation of this original text. Copying a book, especially, can be a very tricky task to undertake. So I have tried to ensure that the pages more or less line up, etc.

A fantastic addition to anyone’s collection.

Preview or download Hvíta Galdrakver as PDF here!

Download Huld PDF

Available for free download is a remastered version of the historic Huld Manuscript. Many of the staves and galdr you will see today are based on aspects of elements within this manuscript, and others like it.

I initially got a hold of this scanned version of the manuscript via a fantastic resource website based in Iceland. You can view many things on there, and the main languages you can access articles and manuscripts in are English, Icelandic and Danish. This is the site: Handrit.is

It is thought to have been written in approximately 1860 by Geir Vigfússyni. I have been releasing packs of stencils of some of the galdrastafir from manuscripts, and I wanted to make sure that this full PDF copy would be available freely without having to cost money.

In terms of re-mastering, I have done my best to make the page margins more even (old books tend to be extremely crooked), and I have also altered the colours and contrast within the manuscript to make it more legible. When these old manuscripts are scanned, you can lose a lot of the clarity which was originally intended.

The scans can come out very dark, and the ink may not all match up. A lot of the time you will also find that the copies themselves are not straight, as it is very hard to photocopy a book- as I’m sure you are well aware!

Below you can download a copy of the PDF for use on your computer, tablet or even your e-reader if it is compatible with reading PDF documents.

The document is considered Public Domain, and you’re free to copy, share and redistribute it as you wish.

Preview or download the manuscript in PDF here

(Filesize 82.7mb)

Download Galdrakver PDF

Galdrakver or ‘Little Book of Magic’ is a 17th century manuscript, written entirely by hand on animal skin. The writing surface explains both the colour of the pages, and why some parts are a little hard to make out fully. It is said to have been unusual at this time to have written on animal skin- most people would have been using paper at this point.

The manuscript itself contains many diagrams and prayers, as well as a lot of handwritten material gathered by the original author. It was bound in a soft cover somewhere in the 19th century, presumably to protect it.

The original book itself was at one point owned by Hannes Finnson. He was born 8th May 1739 and died 4th August 1796. He was also the Bishop of Skálholt, southern Iceland. Around 95 manuscripts have been associated with this Bishop in particular. So it is safe to say he was a bit of a collector!

However, this edition has been straightened out and made as legible as possible by myself to ensure you are able to use this in your own collection or however you wish.

Preview or download the manuscript in PDF here

(Filesize 18mb)

Welcome to Galdrastafir.org

After several talks with different people on the topic of creating a webpage to feature the work I produce and put into either Public Domain or Creative Commerce, this site have now been created.

The purpose of Galdrastafir.org is to create a central hum for free resources regarding both Icelandic Galdrastafir and Graphical Galdr in general. Although the Magical Staves of Iceland are the most well known, they are not unique for Iceland alone. Historical Graphical Galdr can also be found in both the rest of Scandinavia as well as the UK.
Adding to the the surge of modern Galdr-staves for various purposes, it’s fair to say this is not only a revived and living magic tradition, but one that seems to grow stronger in the pagan and heathen communities.

Therefore I find it important to try and gather and preserve as much as possible of these staves, bot historical and contemporary. The task is far more than I’ll be able to handle alone though, and thus I have called upon my association with the Scandinavian based association “Fornalder Selskabet” to help administrate this webpage when I’m too busy to do so myself.

I hope you’ll enjoy the content, and the things to come. As of now I am moving some of my content from other platforms to this page. Things that are not posted as CC or PD will remain on my personal Patreon page, where I’ll also continue to post exclusive content that won’t be available to the general public.