Welcome to Galdrastafir.org

After several talks with different people on the topic of creating a webpage to feature the work I produce and put into either Public Domain or Creative Commerce, this site have now been created.

The purpose of Galdrastafir.org is to create a central hum for free resources regarding both Icelandic Galdrastafir and Graphical Galdr in general. Although the Magical Staves of Iceland are the most well known, they are not unique for Iceland alone. Historical Graphical Galdr can also be found in both the rest of Scandinavia as well as the UK.
Adding to the the surge of modern Galdr-staves for various purposes, it’s fair to say this is not only a revived and living magic tradition, but one that seems to grow stronger in the pagan and heathen communities.

Therefore I find it important to try and gather and preserve as much as possible of these staves, bot historical and contemporary. The task is far more than I’ll be able to handle alone though, and thus I have called upon my association with the Scandinavian based association “Fornalder Selskabet” to help administrate this webpage when I’m too busy to do so myself.

I hope you’ll enjoy the content, and the things to come. As of now I am moving some of my content from other platforms to this page. Things that are not posted as CC or PD will remain on my personal Patreon page, where I’ll also continue to post exclusive content that won’t be available to the general public.